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Updaters D&C are the creators -of the only functional at this time- Search Engine in Greece,, which analyzes and stores millions of Greek websites daily.

Our experience in creating Search Engines and web-data crawlers allow us to know how a website must be designed in order to get a good position among Google and other search engine results.

There are some “professionals” referring to “exotic” approaches and “magic” tricks, with the promise of incredible results in the final ranking of your website. Most of the time, however, even if they manage to raise ranking temporarily, their results “sink” again soon.

That is because most self-proclaimed “SEO experts” lack the technical knowledge to understand a simple fact: That even Google, like all search engines, does a very difficult job finding, amid a chaos of information and countless ill-made, unedited and confusing websites, what its visitor is looking for.

It is much easier for search engines to be successful when your website obey certain standards, and that’s why they will “prefer” it over others.

This -simple but difficult to fully understand- fact has to be the basis of any serious SEO strategy seeking long-lasting results.

In more technical terms, if a page wants to reach high result position:

  • It has to be carefully crafted, following a rather large set of rules which make easy for search engines to read and analyze your data. Take our word for it, this is not the case for far too many websites.
  • Be aware that every “clever” javascript code trick, hidden text, live content change, confusing material, adds difficulty for the search engine. And once it finds itself “confused”, it rates your page with lower ranking. (That what is the most logical thing to do, and that’s what you would be doing in its place).
  • You have to place content (text, words, phrases, sentences, images) in such a manner they will help search engines “understand” what the site is about and help the crawlers relate it to certain visitor searches. (This also requires knowledge of the use of “schemas” and descriptive features (tags, ids, classes, meta-tags) that will help search engines understand what they are seeing).
  •  Text has to be structured in such a way it will be easy for search engines decide if the page’s content is related to its title. You have to choose and display the most relevant “keywords” in its <h1> title, repeat them in the content text not too many or too few times, use synonymous words and context in a not completely unpredictable way, at the same time displaying original information. It surely isn’t a trivial task.
  • Completely avoid the possibility that search engine algorithms rule out your content as irrelevant or suspicious. Most “tricks” are treated as such sooner or later.

So, what you really have to do, is to choose for your website professionals who:

  • Understand how search engine algorithms work and what exactly visitors are “looking for”.
  • Ensure the code of each page is not “overloaded” with code, or having description and schema conflicts, as is the case of using too many plug-ins and drop-ins, common trait of designers without technical knowledge.
  • Are having a deep understanding of content formatting, so they help search engine easily identify what each website contains.

Updaters D&C guarantee your pages will be light, fast, using certified methods of displaying graphics and text and allowing your content “coming out ahead” in organic searches!

Even if you have an existing website, Updaters can greatly improve it.

Contact us and allow your site:

  • get better rankings on Google and other search engines,
  • obtain greater traffic, more visitors, sales and customers,
  • meet with happy visitors,

   and provide you with:

  • greater opportunity to promote your business and
  • lower operating, advertising and promotion costs…

If you are interested, we are always available to tell you more.

Contact us for more information and learn more about how you can use SEO to increase your business profits!

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